Meet The Warrior Soul Team

At Warrior Soul, we treat everyone like family, so we feel you should know who your trainers are!

Get to know each one of our coaches, find out some quirky fun facts and see what their strengths are.  👇

Coaches Strengths

Martial Arts 90%
Coaching & Nutrtion 96%
Yoga 84%
Energy & Motivation 91%

Our Coaches

Meet Shelly

Shelly is a two time #1 best selling author, IIN and COPE Certified Health Coach, speaker, mentor, and the founder of Warrior Soul – health, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle programs. She’s a kick ass fifth degree black belt as well as a momma, grandmother AND has totally defied the odds after being diagnosed with an auto immune disease that nearly took her life. Her straight forward approach to guiding people to optimal health is like no other, which is how she has earned the nickname Lupus Warrior. Her tenacity and grit has not only reclaimed her own health, but the lives of those that work with her.

Fun Facts

I play the violin. 

I received my 1st degree black belt in 2006 after I was told by my doctors that I would never do anything physical again. I now am a 5th degree black belt. 

As a child, I loved to fish and hunt with my dad.

I used to think yoga was lame but now it is my life. I also have a Master Certification in Hormone Health.

Coaches Strengths

Martial Arts 90%
Teaching 96%
Fitness 87%
Energy & Motivation 91%

Our Coaches

Meet Marie

Marie’s enthusiasm for health and fitness stems back to her childhood in western Pennsylvania. She loves a fun outdoor adventure and wants to stay healthy and active to always explore and grow! In college she earned a certification in Spinning and taught Step and Sculpt classes at the university fitness center. Fast forward to now, where you can always find her smiling and pushing her classes to give their personal best every day. She is a high school teacher by day and a first degree black belt by night. She loves to help others find their inner strength and WARRIOR! Her favorite classes are kickboxing, cardio drumming, weights and Zumba. See you on the mat!

Fun Facts

I’m fluent in 3 languages and I love traveling to other countries and I love learning about other cultures. 
I’m a Black Belt and a busy working mother of 3. 
I love creating new goals for myself and helping others achieve their own. 

Coaches Strengths

Yoga 96%
Kickboxing 91%
Nutrition 87%
Energy & Motivation 93%

Our Coaches

Meet Bryanne

Bryanne is a boy mama first, whole food plant based vegan, and an Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Health Coach. She loves hiking, playing ultimate frisbee, and experimenting with plant based cooking. Kickboxing is her jam and she loves teaching others how to use the bag to workout those mental health frustrations and follow it with some zen time and yoga. She loves learning how to use new yoga tools like her feetup trainer and yoga trapeze!!

Fun Facts

My son is a 6’3″ Black Belt and he is my world, but I have given birth to 6 other babies as a surrogate.
I love teaching kickboxing and yoga. 
I have a been a whole food plant based vegan for 3 years now. 

Coaches Strengths

Martial Arts 94%
Teaching 89%
Fitness 87%
Energy & Motivation 90%

Our Coaches

Meet Precy

From a high school runner who made it to national-level competitions to a 2nd-degree black belt. Precy’s journey is one of relentless dedication to health and fitness. Known for her competitive spirit, Precy thrives on challenges that push her limits. Committed to helping others, she channels her passion into teaching kickboxing and yoga while fostering a supportive environment. Her fulfillment comes from helping others and sharing enriching experiences, finding joy in the collective well-being of those around her. Whether leading a high-energy kickboxing session or guiding a serene yoga class, her focus is on helping others achieve their health goals and enjoy the journey.

Fun Facts

I received my 1st degree black belt and 2nd degree black belt with my kids, we trained together and it will forever be ingrained in me. 
My black belt nickname is “Viper”
I LOVE fresh coconut; I crack them open with my fist…..using a cleaver. 
I love to sing and dance but neither loves me back. 

Warrior Soul Fitness is located in the heart of Glendora Ca, and offers classes ranging from Yoga, Fitness Kickboxing, Cardio Drumming and Body Sculpting.


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